Our Mission


The Neurodiversity Initiative is dedicated to removing limitations and improving inclusion of individuals who are neurodivergent, and their families/carers. This includes improving accessibility to services, employment, education, healthcare, tourism, and hospitality.

We aim to break down barriers that prove overwhelming and complex for people with additional needs. And to raise awareness and the movement of embracing of neurodivergence.

We will achieve this through training and support for businesses and individuals who are looking to champion neurodiversity in the community and the workplace. We provide online training and face-to-face workshops and consulting for both individuals and businesses.

Our training content includes evidence-based response practices, current research, and is designed by professionals in the field of neurodivergence and disability intervention.

Our workshops are designed to be a collaborative experience and our trainers work closely with your team, from top management to the valuable people on the front line.

Through collaboration with workshop participants that are equipped with their industry knowledge, and our neurodivergent consultants, we help you reach your goal of providing better service outcomes and experiences for this under-serviced community of neurodivergence. And to open a world without limits. A world that embraces neuro diversity and inclusivity.



Our Story


In 2019 Catherine Gow was enjoying a holiday with her young family when the purpose for what has become The Neurodiversity Initiative was born.

Observing the environment and services while holidaying, it highlighted the fact that many families living with neurodivergence face great obstacles while away on vocation, which can make what should be a relaxing enjoyable experience very stressful. And it is not just holidays, it’s employment, or simple outings that those living with neurodivergence and their families/carers face.

Catherine knew this based on her regular encounters with families that attend her Central Coast NSW clinic, Augmentia Health. Now in 2022, even more so with her own personal diagnosis and as the parent of a child with neurodivergence. 

Catherine then decided to embark on a journey of research and development to create a series of training workshops and courses to increase the awareness and inclusive practices of neurodivergence. She began sharing her knowledge, experience and lived-experience with businesses and service providers. This is now The Neurodiversity Initiative you see here today.

Accessibility Statement

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Our Team

catherine omni

Catherine Gow

(BA Hons Psych, Dip Prof Couns, Cert Spec. Trainer Disability, Cert. EEG Neurofeedback Intervention)

Catherine is a registered psychologist who enjoys working with children and families and has been in private practice for five years. Catherine is the mother of two adorable boys and lives on the Central Coast of New South Wales. She is passionate about making a difference to the quality of lives of children with ASD, SPD, ADHD, learning challenges, ODD, conduct disorders, and mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. 

She is keenly interested in applied research and program development, having previously published in peer journals and developed children’s books about social and emotional skill development. Catherine has developed the Smart Fun Program and My Sensory Toolbox and is the author of the NeuroTeaching series of professional development for teachers and early childhood educators.

Melissa Mills

Melissa Mills

Product Manager

Bringing with her a creative mind and a wealth of knowledge, Melissa teamed up with Catherine in 2020 to establish The Neurodiversity Initiative. With over 18 years experience in business administration, from maritime brokerage in London to hospitality, education and IT, Melissa’s vision is to develop a product that is strongly aligned with The Neurodiversity Initiative mission and is primarily focused on clients and raising awareness and inclusion of neurodivergence.

renee at nd centre australia

Renee Huntington

BEd (Early childhood), BEd (Special Education)

With over 25 years of professional experience and as a neurodivergent person and parent of 2 neurodivergent children, Renee brings with her a wealth of knowledge and understanding. She is passionate about sharing that knowledge and experience with the families and the community so that they feel equipped to empower and support neurodivergent individuals to embrace their individuality and reach their own potential.

Having worked for 4 years in early intervention and advocating for inclusion in the community with Augmentia Health, Renee comes to The Neurodiversity Initiative with a passion for helping families and individuals to navigate and find their way within the early years.

What we have to offer:

inclusive practice workshop with neurodiversity initiative

Embracing Neurodivergence Inclusion Workshops

An exploration of neurodivergence and implementing policies and strategies into your business and service delivery.

sensory smart consulting

NeuroSmart Consulting

Advisory and consulting service designed to support and educate businesses and facilities interested in creating NeuroSmart events and spaces.

certificate of completition


Certificate of Completion- Embracing Neurodivergence Inclusion

A short course introducing neurodivergence and how inclusive practices can improve outcomes and experiences for your neurodivergent staff, customers or clients.


neurodiversity awareness training


Neurodivergence Inclusion Awareness

Professional development module in neurodivergence awareness and inclusive practices in the customer service and workplace setting.


Upcoming Training Events

The Neurodiversity Initiative is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our partners and clients and in supporting health officials and government leaders. We follow all government Covid-19 Safe advice when holding onsite events. If you are interested in hosting a workshop for your business CONTACT US to discuss options and how we will meet safety guidelines.