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E-learning courses

Short, sharp and engaging our e-learning course has interactive quizzes, perfect an organisations induction L&D suite or an individual.
Prices are at $35 per license.


Want to support your organisations management team to better include neurodivergent team members? A workshop will be for you.

Held after they have completed the inclusion e-learning course it supports the embracement of neurodiversity.


Grab some extra information and understand more about neurodiversity here!

Our Faciliators

Meet Catherine, our principle facilitator and learn more about our team.


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About us

The neurodiversity initiative was born from a need. To be included and understood.

We know that the world, especially workplaces, retail and education settings would do more or become a bit easier, if everyone understood the challenges and value that neurocognative functioning variances brings.

We are a collective of psycholoigsts, allied health professionals and buiness executives  the majority of who are neurodivergent.


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Neurodiversity awareness and inclusion (foundations)

This is a necessary course for all learning about neurodivergence. Interactive and engaging, the animated videos step you through so you can explore and have the vocabulary to discuss and explore this topic further. 

Neurodivergence in education – coming soon

A course to support educators and inclusion support workers in early childhood. It breaks down strategies, delves into having an increased understanding of conditions and how to support kids as individuals in an educational setting. 

Unpacking and exploring different neurotypes – coming soon

This course is general, but deepens understanding about different neurotypes under the neurodivergent umbrella. It explores cooccuring conditions and unpacking a sensory profile. 


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