Certificate of Completion- SPD and Sensory Assistive Technology (MST)

E-Learning certificate of completion
The Neurodiversity Initiative facilitates this course on behalf of My Sensory Toolbox. It forms part of the My Sensory Toolbox Independent Consultant Training Package. To learn more about the MST Independent Consultant program, please visit www.mysensorytoolbox.com.au or email MST at contactus@mysensorytoolbox.com.au

This training course provides MST Independent Consultants with an overview of neurodivergence and the role that the assistive sensory equipment from My Sensory Toolbox plays in supporting individuals with additional sensory processing needs. Enrollees work through the series of lessons and complete an assessment on the following topics:

  • Neurodivergence, specifically sensory and behavioural needs.
  • Types of neurodivergence and explore how some may present.
  • Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and the associated sensory, social and behavioural challenges and strengths.
  • What a Sensory Diet is and how My Sensory Toolbox can be implemented as part of a Sensory Diet.
  • Elements of the My Sensory Toolbox equipment and practical application of the Assistive Sensory Equipment.


Interested in becoming a My Sensory Toolbox consultant?

MST believes that the best way to experience and explore the benefits of their products is in a familiar environment so they have developed the MST Independent Consultant program. The program enables individuals to build a business around what they know and love and assist others in their journey along the way. Work flexible hours in a self-promoting career path, connecting with families, schools, and preschools to provide tools that support regulation or improve focus and build functional skills enabling an individual to reach their potential capitalising on their strengths and bypassing areas of difficulty.

NB: You must be registered with My Sensory Toolbox as an IC prior to completing this course. To register please visit www.mysensorytoolbox.com.au or email MST at contactus@mysensorytoolbox.com.au. Once registered by MST to the IC program, you will be given instructions for enrolling in the course.


5 star rating

“It was very useful to learn how to approach parents in a way that is non-judgmental and how to help when a child is having a ‘meltdown’.”

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