With intention, we can all take action to provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised, such as those who live with disabilities (different abilities) and members of other minority groups.
Neurodivergent people live with neurocognitive functioning variations that might often not be immediately apparent and it can be hard to recognise that someone is living with neurodivergence. Consequently their needs and challenges are often not met in day-to-day life or their behaviour is misinterpreted.
It is bringing together the neurodivergent community and business and service providers to build safe, more inclusive workplaces and culture that we are particularly focused on. So in 2022, The Neurodiversity Initiative launched our Embrace Neurodivergence Inclusion campaign.
Indigenous artist Garry Purchase, Dream On By Garry Purchase https://www.instagram.com/garrypurchase_artist developed our logo. Here Garry explains the meaning behind the elements of the design.
“Circles are at the centre of most Aboriginal art and represent places of importance, whether that be a meeting place, a campsite or a waterhole. U shapes in traditional Aboriginal art are the symbol for people. Placing the U shapes the way they are along with the dots in a circle creates a meeting place. I’ve done it from a front-on view as that’s the way it would be seen in real life. It is enclosed by the people meaning it’s protected and safe. When it’s all put together its meaning is: “This is a safe place where there are people who can help you.”
We would like to acknowledge those companies, organisations, individuals, and groups who have successfully completed our training, or who we have partnered with on events and other projects, and who embrace neurodivergence and support our movement to break down barriers to employment, services, and experiences for individuals who are neurodivergent.

If you would like to learn how you can embrace neurodivergence inclusion email us at info@neurodiversityinitiative.com.

Businesses and Corporations

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My Sensory Toolbox makes it easy for children to access the sensory support they need to support their sensory needs and to help them self-regulate during times of distress, anxiety, and other difficult situations.

We work closely with MST to provide Sensory Smart advice and consultation for events, businesses, and facilities.

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Voted Australia’s Best Family Resort for the 10th year in a row, Paradise Resort Gold Coast is a mecca of holiday fun and renowned as a ‘cruise ship on land’ and a must visit for every family. Located just a few short metres from the iconic Surfers Paradise Beach.

Paradise Resort staff hosted a neurodivergence and inclusive practice workshop in 2019 and committed to implementing practices within the resort to support families and individuals who are neurodivergent.

Events and Facilities

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The Adelaide Art Show is an inclusive art competition put together by Jump In Support Options, that encourages people to produce meaningful pieces of art. At the end of the competition, a community art show is run, showcasing the brilliant entries that South Australians have created.

In 2021 The Neurodiversity Initiative (formally Neurodiversity Centre Australia) was proud to support this special community event that celebrates diversity and inclusivity through the arts.

Jump In Support Options

Individuals and Groups