Neurodiversity and Inclusive Practice Training


This one-day industry-specific workshop will provide managers, business owners, and service providers with an awareness of neurodiversity, how to identify and interact with customers, clients, and staff living with neurodiverse conditions and other sensory needs, and how inclusive practices can create better outcomes for them and their families, empower individuals to achieve their personal goals, boost a business’s reputation and customer base and increase turnover.

Our professional workshop facilitator will lead the group through the topics and guide them through a series of practical tasks and activities with the aim of developing a targeted action plan for their business, team, and staff.

Workshops run for approximately 6-8 hours, are tailored to our four key industries (Services, Education, Tourism and Hospitality and Healthcare), and offer participants an opportunity to:

  • gain an understanding of neurodiverse conditions.
  • learn how to respond to individuals living with ASD and other sensory needs.
  • work with families of children living with ASD and other sensory needs.
  • understand the individual’s perspective of their business.
  • understand the family’s perspective of their business.
  • respond to customer needs and create an action plan.
  • develop neurodiversity inclusive policies and procedures.
  • be listed for two years on our online platform of Inclusive Partners.
  • study onsite or remotely as part of a workplace or industry group.

If you are looking for neurodiversity inclusion and awareness training for your staff and team members, see our E-Learning Certificate or Awareness Training page for more information or contact us to discuss our options.


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