Neurodiversity Awareness Training- Customer Service and the Workplace



This professional development course will explore neurodiversity inclusive practices in customer service and the workplace and provide your staff and team members with an understanding of the challenges people living with neurodiverse conditions face on a day-to-day basis. By raising awareness, our training promotes inclusion and improved outcomes for these individuals and supports your staff to develop and maintain successful workplace relationships. The course includes evidence-based response practices, is based on current research, and has been designed by professionals in the field of autism and disability intervention. It is delivered in an easy-to-use e-Learning platform and comprises a series of lessons and quiz questions on topics such as:

  • Neurodiversity inclusive practice and your legal requirements.
  • Neurodevelopmental conditions.
  • Autism.
  • Social, behavioural and physical challenges faced by people living with autism.
  • How physical elements of a space and approaches to service delivery and communication impact an individual's perspective and experience.

The course can be purchased individually or as part of a package if you for 10 or more staff. Please contact us for further details or to discuss your training needs.


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