Sensory Smart Consulting


Individuals with sensory processing conditions can find sights, smells, sounds, and textures incredibly overwhelming and distressing making it difficult to self-regulate, proactively manage their emotions, organise and interpret information. However, having access to sensory spaces, assistive equipment, and regulation tools supports an individual’s ability to make meaningful responses, perform day-to-day tasks and develop their brain plasticity. Our Sensory Smart Consulting service can partner with you for your event or guide you through developing personalised sensory guides, stories, and resources for your facility or business. Sensory Smart events, sessions, or spaces specifically tailored toward sensitive individuals and their families provide opportunities and tools to improve access to life experiences and make them more memorable for all the right reasons.

The Neurodiversity Initiative can:

  • discuss your sensory smart needs and give advice on how you can become Sensory Smart.
  • review your neurodiversity inclusive practices and policies.
  • provide training for staff and members in neurodiversity and inclusive practice.
  • give practical-based aid to identifying areas within a business or service where inclusive practices and assistive equipment and regulation tools can be implemented.
  • assist with developing sensory guides & social stories.
  • be part of your event to raise awareness and understanding of neurodiversity and sensory needs.
  • spread the word of your event through our social media and online community.

The Neurodiversity Initiative partners with My Sensory Toolbox to provide this service.


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